The City of Lites Project brings illuminated art to the dark streets of Black Rock City in 2015 for the 5th year!

Black Rock City has over 200 utilitarian street signs to identify the roads and pedestrian walkways. The street signs are useful in navigating the city by day, but at night these sign posts are a hazard for being un-lit, especially in a white-out dust storm when you are lost.

By installing solar light artwork on the sign posts, the City of Lites creates distinctive artistic landmarks in the day meanwhile illuminating street signs at night. This is both an impressive and functional project. At night, the street signs in the darker corners of the city are much easier to read, and the solar light artworks make creative meeting places for the citizens of Black Rock City.

2015 Honoraria City of Lites Project installs the solar light artwork on street signs around Black Rock City by international creative participants. This allows people who cannot attend Burning Man in person to participate globally with over 90 artists from 12 countries. Contact us to receive your Solar Light Kit and make some art!