Q: Will the City of Lites Project supply or pay for my materials?

A: No. We recommend recycled and reused material.

Q: What should I make the solar light artwork out of?

A: Black Rock City is windy, dusty and occasionally wet. We encourage you to use materials that can stand up to the windy and wet conditions. Fabric, Paper Mache, wood and plastic are good materials to incorporate.

Q: Will you modify my Art?

A: We will endeavor to install your Art as is. We may reinforce your art with a varnish or other invisible materials to ensure that the Art is not damaged by the natural forces.

Q: Do I get my Art back after the event?

A: Yes, if your mark your solar light artwork with your contact information, and if the street sign does not get stolen before we remove them. You can pick your art up from your closest City of Lites Representative or by having us ship the art work back, but you will have to pay for shipping.

Q: Can I cut and drill into the Solar Light?

A: Yes, the plastic housing can be drilled into, glued or modified to support your Artwork.

Q: Do I have to use the metal bracket?

A: No, The light Sculpture must be supported on the wooden street post, but you may create your own bracket.